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Response Strategies: Adaptation to Global Change

Module description

(with Prof. Dr. Peter Spathelf, Prof. Dr. Pierre Ibisch, Prof. Dr. Peter Höppe (Munich Re))

In this module the rationale of adaptation as a process towards continuous improvement is introduced, which aims to diminish vulnerability over time. In the topic adaptation policies, first the general process of adaptation is introduced: vulnerability assessment, capacity building and implementation. Moreover, the approaches, concepts and measures of adaptation in different sectors such as forestry, coastal management and biodiversity conservation are discussed.

In a further topic, basic adaptation options with a special focus on forestry are presented, such as active or passive adaptation. Concrete options within forestry / silviculture are discussed and demonstrated at the example of the pine dominated forests in Brandenburg.

Further, the integration of adaptation into mitigation is covered. The measures to enhance carbon sequestration in land-use management, the REDD discussion on tropical forests, among others are discussed and evaluated.