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    Legal bases

    Regulations for the Use of the University LibraryPDF-Document03/2017
    Fee regulations for the university libraryPDF-Document03/2017
    Locker Regulations University LibraryPDF-Document05/2018
    Regulations for the use of the Carrels of the University LibraryPDF-Document 05/2018
    Privacy Policy University LibraryPDF-Document 11/2018


    Setting up a VPN connectionInternal Website

    Other Documents

    Application form for a library cardPDF-Document07/2021

    Application for change of user details

    Information on the newly constructed university libraryPDF-Document
    Information on the collection of the Botanical Society of Berlin and BrandenburgPDF-Document

    Guide to the University Library

    Guidance system freehand arrangementPDF-Document 
    ground floorPDF-Document 
    1st floorPDF-Document 
    2nd floorPDF-Document