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Current events

Dear PhD students, below you will find current events for PhD students at the HNEE. If you are interested in an event, you can register for it at Jenny Hammerich (jenny.hammerich@hnee.de).

22.01.2021 (14.30 - 17.00 o'clock, incl. 30 min break): “Anti-racism in university: Racism-sensitive research and science communication”

Speaker: Soma Said and Murat Akan (speakers for glokal e.V.)

Language: German

Content: Racism is a social and historical phenomenon that affects us all in different ways. Racism creates and maintains social inequalities and classifies people into hierarchies. Our identities and also our everyday life in the university are influenced by this hierarchisation.

The workshop will explore the extent to which racism still persists in our minds today, shaping not only our own identities, attitudes and views of the world, but also interpersonal and working structures at the university. The short workshop offers an introduction to anti-racist perspectives and critique of racism as well as opportunities for personal and professional reflection.

The workshop is jointly organised by: the coordination of antiracism work (Maria Seidel), equal epportunities commissioner (Dörte Beyer) and the Biosphere Reserves Institute (Charlotte Gohr, Jenny Hammerich).

Registration at: Maria.Seidel@hnee.de