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Hochschule für nachhaltige Entwicklung Eberswalde

Socioeconomics & Communication


Prof. Martin Welp Prof. Dr. Martin Welp

 Tel.: +49-3334-657 172

 Fax: +49-3334-657 162


Astrid Schilling Astrid Schilling

 Research associate & lecturer

 Tel.: +49-3334-657 167

 Fax: +49-3334-657 162

Siegmund Missall Siegmund Missall

 Research associate & lecturer

 Tel.: +49-3334-657 296

 Fax: +49-3334-657 162

Michael Spies Dr. Michael Spies

 Head of Junior Research Group TRANSECT

 Tel.: +49-3334-657 198

 Fax: +49-3334-657 162

Johannes Litschel

Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiter

Epizentrum Bauwende

johannes.litschel [@]


 Dr. Henryk Alff
 Postdoctoral Researcher TRANSECT
 Tel.: +49-3334-657 539
 henryk.alff [@]

 Mehwish Zuberi
 Doctoral Researcher TRANSECT
 Tel.: +49-3334-657 539
 mehwish.zuberi [@]

 Aksana Zakirova
 Doctoral Researcher TRANSECT
 Tel.: +49-3334-657 539
 aksana.zakirova [@]

 Christoph Raab
 Researcher, Remote Sensing & GIS TRANSECT
 Tel.: +49-3334-657 539
 christoph.raab [@]

Dilfuza Yuldasheva

Research associate and project coordinator


Tel. +49-3334-657 532

dilfuza-yuldasheva [@]

Nafisa Mirzoaev

Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin, Doktorandin


Tel. +49-3334-657 532

Nafisa.Mirzojamshedzoda [@]

Julia Finkenzeller

Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin

Lokal nachhaltig

Tel. +49-3334-657 532

julia.finkenzeller [@]

Bastian Tschuschke

Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiter

OekoFlussPlan/Epizentrum Bauwende

bastian.tschuschke [@]


HNE Eberswalde

Chair of Socioeconomics and Communication

Waldcampus (Haus 11)

Alfred-Möller-Str. 1

16225 Eberswalde

Teaching Focus

  • Global Change: Resilience of social systems
  • Stakeholder dialogues in Natural resource management
  • Environmental education and communication
  • Qualitative und quantitative social science methods
  • Change Management: Strategies und Methods

Research Focus

  • Stakeholder Dialogues in climate mitigation and adaptation
  • Institutional arrangements for securing ecosystem services
  • Transformation und Change Management at the urban/peri-urban nexus
  • Agroforestry systems in China und Central Asia

Biosphere Reserves Institute (BRI)

Centre for Econics and Ecosystem Management

Ongoing projects

  • TRANSECT – Agrarian and Social-Ecological Complexities. Local Bioeconomy Scenarios in Central and South Asia
  • OekoFlussPlan â€“ Preservation of selected Ecosystem Services in the Riparian Areas of the Naryn River (Kyrgyzstan) using renewable Energy Technologies and Short Rotation Coppices, involving sustainable Land and Water Management and Capacity Building

  • VEGERA – Improving energy efficiency in the building sector through the use of renewable raw materials from agroforestry systems

  • KONKOOP – Cooperation and Conflict in Eastern Europe: The Consequences of the Reconfiguration of Political, Economic, and Social Spaces since the End of the Cold War

  • KomPol – Municipal politicians as local sustainability actors

  • Epizentrum Bauwende – Experimentalarchitektur für Potsdam