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Hochschule für nachhaltige Entwicklung Eberswalde


Team & Networking

The team of the Family-Friendly University:

Vera Clauder

¬© HNEE, Florian Reischauer‚Äč‚Äč‚Äč‚Äč‚Äč‚Äč‚Äč

Coordinator Family-Friendly University / Project "Study  worthwhile!"


 03334 / 657 143

Vera Clauder


    Britta Wiebrock


    Employee Family-friendly University


    Britta Wiebrock


    • Planning and organization of events

    • Contributing to the design and implementation of measures to improve family friendliness
    • Compiling information for (expectant) parents at the HNEE
    • Website and e-mail maintenance

    Our team is also supported by HNEE students.

    Our Networks:


    The HNE Eberswalde is one of the first signatories of the charter "Familie in der Hochschule". 

    Through our membership in the network "Familie in der Hochschule e. V.", we commit ourselves to promoting the compatibility of family tasks with studies, teaching, research and science-supporting activities and to aligning our organisational and personnel development strategies accordingly.

    Here you can find the charter "Familie in der Hochschule".


    All eight Brandenburg universities meet regularly in the network "Family and University in the State of Brandenburg". The exchange within this network as well as with the Ministry for Science, Research and Culture (MWFK), the Brandenburg Rectors' Conference (BLRK) and the State Conference of Equal Opportunity Officers at Brandenburg Universities (LaKoG) resulted in the "Qualitätsstandards Chancengleichheit und Familienorientierung an brandenburgischen Hochschulen".

    Logo B√ľndnis Eberswalde

    The family-friendly HNEE University is active in the "Lokales B√ľndnis f√ľr Familie Eberswalde", a partnership of various Eberswalde players from the fields of social affairs and education, business and society. The common goal is to work for the compatibility of family care and gainful employment and to expand the family friendliness of the city of Eberswalde in all its facets.