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Online-courses / bridge-courses

here you can find study material from other universities and providers.

Sustainable development   


GIS (remote sensing)

Landscape planning

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Sustainable Development
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Virtual Academy for sustainable development Bremen

Everyone can learn something with our lectures about sustainability.

The Virtual Academy for Susatinability supports german-speaking universities to reach the goals of the UN world program "Education for sustainable development" by providing various video-based lectures and blended-learning concepts. This offer can be used by all german-speaking universities (its students and lectureres). The online lectures are designed to be easily intergrated into your Curriculum, as elective and/or mandatory moduls.

Topics: Ecology, Social Study, Economics

The students can get credit points for passing the online-exam.
Digital Learning for Sustainable Development (DL4SD)


In line with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, especially Goal #4, that seeks to ensure inclusive and quality education for all and promote lifelong learning, Hamburg University of Applied Sciences‘ Research and Transfer Centre „Sustainability and Climate Impact Management“ (FTZ-NK) actively fosters Education for Sustainability across themes and borders. Promoting sustainable practices and offering access to state-of-the-art knowledge will be a distinctive feature of the online projects developed by our team in collaboration with international partners. In this respect, FTZ-NK will pursue an open access approach and using open educational resources whenever possible.

The online courses offered on this platform address the chronic human capacity problem that constrains the quicker uptake of sustainability knowledge and related skills in many parts of the globe. Through this, we seek to foster international learning communities and actively contribute to supporting international multi-stakeholder partnerships

Sustainable development

KLOOC - Kaiserslauterer Open Online Course „Sustainable Development“

The Kaiserslauterer Open Online Course (KLOOC) reveals problematic areas existing in the context of sustainable development, various solutions (which the TU Kaiserslautern is currently examining) and how everyone can be a part of acting more sustainable in her/his life and work environment.

Sustainicum Collection

Study materials for education for sustainability

On this steadily growing platform you can find ressources from 4 categories: components, teaching methods, scrips and teaching modules to use in lectures. You are also invited to publish your own contributions on this website so other people can use it.

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Online Math bridge course OMB+

The Online math bridge course will help you to prepare you for integrated math-mandatory-classes. This can be found in the "WiMINT" degrees (Engineer,- Economy-, Nature-, Computerscience, Medicin, Math and other technical classes).

More than a dozen german universities (+ integral-leaning GmbH) joined forces to create the concept and study materials together. Now these materials are recommended as preparation for a study by more than 30 universities.

OMB+ "all-inclusive" -

The OMB+ is a closed package, which provides support by various tutors to the participant for a whole year. The online math bridge course is available in english language.

Online bridge course for Math

This online course provides various offers to prepare you for a study as well as to check your knowledge in math. It also provides information about specific programs at the universities nearby. This course includes extensive materials, diagnostic tests as well as a wide selection of study videos and interactive tasks. This course was designed by the VE&MINT-Program.

VE&MINT is flexible -

VE&MINT allows participating universities an easy implementation into a already existing environment. The grafic design also allows the access to the courses though mobile devices.

Further information:

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ESRI Virtual Campus

Live Training Seminars

Get to know ArcGIS

Learn ArcGIS best practices that support public safety workflows.

One hour of real-time, expert GIS training streamed directly to your desktop. Seminars are interactive, free and require no registration - attendance is on a first-come, first-served basis.

Get to know ArcGIS - with interesting lectures, which are based on realistic problems.


The consortium of ‘GeoServices-4-Sustainability (GeoS4S)‘ project is pleased to launch 20 GeoS4S Modules on an ePlatform for free and open access worldwide!

These are availabe to all the learners around the world free of cost for non-commercial academic purposes.

All the opinions, thoughts and ideas have been presented by the individual authors and these do not reflect agreement and responsibility of the European Commission in any case.

The Project Consortium consists of 10 member universities and is Co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programm of the European Union.

2 Modules from FB1 and FB2

The open online module OpenEduGeo consists of different module parts, which can be arranged or combined freely. Every modul part consists of a theoretical base (p.e. a lecture with a test) and a practical exercise (often involves a processing chain from the research for data -> the processing of the data -> analyzing and visualizing the results). The exercises are in form of a case example. Here you go through a Geo-processing-chain, learn selected analyzing functions and produce results p.e. in form of maps. These maps will be integrated in the questioning and interpreted.

Copernicus MOOC

This is your opportunity to learn how to harness the power of space data to innovate and solve societal and business problems

The increasing availability of massive amounts of space data, particularly from the EU’s Copernicus Programme, provides a wealth of opportunities for organisations large and small, in the private as well as in the public sector, to develop and deliver new and innovative products and services in a variety of areas such as mobility, energy, logistic, pollution control, urban management, land use or agriculture – just to name a few. However, for many people who have no or limited prior experience of using geo-information data, getting started with Copernicus data and services can be quite a challenge.

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E-Learning "Landscape planning and environmental assessment"

This E-Learning course will answer the follwing questions

  • What does the "piggyback"-method mean in the context of UVP?
  • Who are the operators in the regional planning- and plan approval procedure?
  • What are "care plans" and "development plans" and how binding are they?
internal modul

WikisZum Seitenanfang

Here we list already existing Wikis. Within the Emma+ course rooms you are already able to create a Wiki-library.




The ZUM-Wiki is an open plattform for study content and processes


Wikiversity - free teaching- and study material

Educational wiki climate change

Education server wiki - climate change


Engaging Citizens in Environmental Monitoring -
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