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Hochschule für nachhaltige Entwicklung Eberswalde

Virtual Computer Labs

Online provision of computer lab software for students and employees of HNE Eberswalde

Since the PC pools must remain closed during emergency on-site operation, remote access for the use of the computer pools is set up.

To use it you need:

  • VPN Connection to the university network!
  • a remote desktop client for your operating system...

Windows  â€‹â€‹â€‹Windows-10-Logo_kwindows_8kwindows_7k

Remote Desktop Connection

The client was installed with the windows operating system

Linux 50px-Tux

Client software that supports the RDP protocol

e.g.  Remmina --> Installation guide

macOS  Apple-Logo_k

Client software that supports the RDP protocol

e.g. "Remote Desktop Connection Client for Mac"

Installation --> App Store

  • Remote desktops of the following PC Labs are available: 
    • FOW-Pool   - software with desktop in English and German; features identical to the FOW-Pool C1 (11.202) on the Forest Campus - NEW March 2022 
                          - FOWVM0x-V2018 are compatible with the former release of the FOW-Pool (Windows 7, english desktop)

    • GIS-Pool      - software with desktop in German language; features identical to the GIS-Pool (05.111) on the City Campus

Click 'Connect' on a computer shown as available and use it to download the corresponding RDP file or open it with your RemoteDesktop client.

Please note

  • that fh-eberswalde\ is in front of your login name when registering, e.g. fh-eberswalde\xyz123 or is entered as domain name in the registration form! If you are only asked for a password in the login window, please go to "More options" -> "Use another account" and enter your user name as described above.
  • that only ONE remote connection is possible at each workstation! Please log off from the remote computer , when you have finished your work! -> (Windows10_Log_off). Disconnected sessions (when the remote desktop window is closed) are automatically ended after 10 min - documents that have not been saved will then be lost!
  • Overview of available workstations (the current state is only shown below if there is a VPN connection to the university network)
    If the VPN connection is established, refresh this browser window to display the overview immediately!


  • If the RDP connection file (.rdp file) is downloaded with the Safari browser under macOS, it must be renamed manually. Remove the ending .txt (point txt) and confirm the conversion to an .rdp file in the subsequent dialog. This step is only necessary after the download with Safari. Browsers such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox download the file correctly without any additional file extension.
  • When opening the .rdp file there may be a warning that the publisher of the remote connection cannot be determined or the question whether you trust the certificate! As you are already connected to the HNE network via VPN at this point, this connection is secure! You can connect to the remote computer safely.