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For applicants

Presention_of_Masters_programme_2024_25.pdf  (as of: January 16th, 2024)

Information for first semester students

Invitation_introduction_days_ in_german.pdf  (as of: September 6th, 2023)

Programm_introduction_days_in_german.pdf   (as of: September 6th, 2023)

Brochure_HNEE.pdf   (as of: September 6th, 2023)

List_of_contacts.pdf   (as of: March 17th, 2024) 

Semester schedules

Summer term 2024

For students of the 2nd semester:

Semester_schedule_2nd_semester_summer_2024.pdf  (as of: January 16th, 2024)

For students of the 4th semester:

Semester_schedule_4th_semester_summer_2024.pdf  (as of: January 16th, 2024)

Winter term 2023/ 24

Semester_schedule_1_semester_winter_2023_24.pdf (as of: June 28th, 2023)

Semester_schedule_3_semester_winter_2023_24.pdf (as of: June 28th, 2023)

Overview_special_elective modules_winter_2023_24.pdf  (as of: June 28th, 2023)

Summer term 2023

For students of the 2nd semester:

Semester_schedule_2_semester_summer_2023.pdf (as of: March 21st, 2023)

For students of the 4th semester:

Semester_schedule_4_semester_summer_2023.pdf (as of: March 22nd, 2023)

Registration for exams

As of the summer semester 2023, students are no longer automatically registered for examinations, but can decide for themselves whether or not to participate in the examinations of the modules taken in the current semester by actively registering in EMMA+.


For exams within the first two months of the lecture period, the deadline for the exam registration ends 24 hours before the exam date. 

Registration for examinations that take place from the third month of lectures on, the examination period ends:

Winter 2023/24November, 27th
Summer 2024May, 20th
Winter 2024/25November, 25th
Summer 2025May, 19th
Winter 2025/26November, 24th

If the registration deadline is missed, participation in the examination is excluded. If an examination is nevertheless taken, this examination will not be assessed in any case.


As before, it is possible to deregister from a module exam up to seven calendar days before the exam begins in the campus management system.

Regarding online exams

Online exams may be offered as an alternative to face-to-face exams. Students must submit the Declaration-of-consent.pdf  before each exam. 


Information on the project internships and transfer projects

You can find up-to-date information on the project internships and transfer projects in EMMA+, our university internal system, in the respective folder. 

You can find the regulations for the project internship and transfer project in the current study and exam regulations document (see below).

Study and exam regulations

You can find the study and exam regulations here