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Nature Experience Areas in Large Cities based on the example of Berlin (Scientific Support)

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About the Project

Almost all public spaces in large cities are assigned to specific purposes of usage, however children and youths need free spaces for healthy development. Nature experience areas offer a way to regain free spaces and enable children to have playful nature experiences.

There are only a few evaluable results concerning nature experience areas in large cities. This E+E-Project (Testing and Development Project) reviews the concept of nature experience areas under real conditions. The project is based on a preliminary study and feasibility study from 2009 and 2011/12. The results of the preliminary study were published as a project report (BfN-Skript 345). The Stiftung Naturschutz Berlin (Nature Conservation Foundation Berlin) is carrying out the main project „Nature experience areas in large cities based on the example of Berlin“.

Project Goal

The aim of the main project is to use the example of the city of Berlin to develop three representative pilot areas based on the existing theoretical and practical experiences by testing various conceptional approaches to planning, implementation and long-term support.

Aims of the scientific support

Based on the experiences of the preliminary study, the project pursues the following goals:

  • documentation and support of the implementation and operation of the pilot areas in Berlin
  • Observing the further development and assesment of the chances for the future for nature experience areas after completion of the main project
  • identification of success factors for a nationwide dissemination of the concept
  • development of thematic user-related manuals to promote practical implementation of the concept in other large cities

The diversity of research questions requires an interdisciplinary approach, the subdivision into different fields of work is therefore appropriate. The scientific support investigates the aspects of life quality, planning quality and ecological quality. Three pilot areas in Berlin form the basis of the research activity.

Fields of Work

Life Quality

This field of work includes the socio-scientific research activities concerning the acceptance of the nature experience areas among the users and in the surrounding areas. The activities of children in these areas will be investigated focussed on structure and complexity.

Planning Quality

This field of work comprises the evaluation of planning and conceptional implementation of the nature experience areas. Strengths, weaknesses and problems of the concept are analyzed from a planning perspective. The options of future legal and planning securing of the areas are also considered.

Ecological Quality

This field of work comprises the investigation of nature conservation and species-related value of nature experience areas, therefore vegetation and faunistic surveys are taking place. The results can be incorporated into the evaluation of the planning-conceptional implementation.

Funded by:

The scientific support for the project „Nature Experience Areas in Large Cities based on the example of Berlin” is funded by the Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety and the Federal Agency for Nature Conservation. (Förderkennzeichen 3515892003)

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