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Set up a VPN connection

You need  No VPN connection on Wi-Fi or in the halls of residence !

To reach your personal server directory (drive P) or drive S , or to see internal HNEE Web pages, or to establish a direct connection between your Outlook and our E-mail server (Exchange), you must register to our network by creating an encrypted VPN connection.

The IT service centre operates a VPN server (Virtual Private Network) called vpn.hnee.de. You need to identify yourself with your login name and password. In order to connect to this VPN server you need to setup a VPN connection on top of your existing network connection (e.g. a local WiFi connection) to the Internet.

Below you will find the description of the institution for the following operating systems (setup instruction in German only):

 Windows XP                Windows 7             Windows 8               Ubuntu           OSX