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Hochschule für nachhaltige Entwicklung Eberswalde

Global Change Management (M.Sc.) (GCM)

 To the Faculty of Forest and Environment

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Prof. Dr. Martin Welp

Head of Study Programme

The mission of the International Master Study Programme Global Change Management is to educate change agents and professionals who are able to cope with the challenges of natural resource management under global change and able to develop goal-oriented solutions for a sustainability transition. During the four-semester study programme students learn systems thinking as well as strategies and practice of change management. Considering Global Change Management as a cross-sectoral challenge we strive for an adaptive, proactive and precautionary approach to natural resource management and sustainability.




Global Change Management (M.Sc.)
is a UN Decade-project Education for
Sustainable Development 2005-2014


Global Change Management (M.Sc.)
is awarded as a innovative project
in the competition: Germany - Land of Ideas


Head of the study programme

Prof. Dr. Martin Welp

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Tel.: +49- (0)3334- 657 172

Study programme coordinator

Christoph Nowicki
(Currently in project time)


Tel.: (+49) 03334 657 164

Organizational support
Juliette Ferrère
(in repres. for Mr. Nowicki)


Tel.: +49 3334 657 475

Application information

Dr. Astrid Schilling


Tel.: +49- (0)3334- 657 167

Latest News


The HNEE graduates Ludmila Schäfer-Griffel, Cordula Gutekunst, Pia Frömberg and Lena Steußloff (from left to right) were awarded the Johannes Schubert Prize at the 24th Annual General Meeting. The four completed their degrees in the fields of forest and environment as well as landscape use and nature conservation. The Johannes Schubert Prize is awarded annually for outstanding Bachelor's or Master's theses on the topics of ecology and meteorology. It is endowed with 1000 euros each. More on the work of the Johannes Schubert Foundation at:


 Image: C. Nowicki

We welcome our new 2019 GCMies! As part of the introductory week, the GCMies got to know the forest around Eberswalde and had lively discussions with forester Albrecht Opitz about forest management in times of climate change.


Visit to the University of Quindío
 During his tour, visiting selected Universities with a strong focus on environment and sustainable development, Christoph Nowicki was invited by the University of Quindío, Colombia (from August 7th to August 13th 2019). First discussions on cooperation options for the development of a new study programme on forest management and conservation, started in 2018 during a visit of a Colombian delegation in Eberswalde, thanks to the initiative of Norbert Pudzich, German Honorary Consul in Armenia. Now, first concrete steps towards a living cooperation have been intensively discussed and defined with the heads of faculties, study programmes and the Rector, how strongly supports the cooperation. In 2020, the University of Quindío will offer internships (in cooperation with partner institutions) for IFEM-students but would also like to cooperate with the study programmes on Global Change Management and Forestry System Transformation.


Cooperation talks at Western Colorado University
On July 15th-17th 2019, the dean of the ‘School of Environment and Sustainability’, Dr. John Hausdoerffer (middle), from ‘Western Colorado University’ in Gunnison (Colorado), invited his faculty members and Christoph Nowicki (EUSD) to intensively discuss the future cooperation and student exchange between our two partner Universities. Special emphasis was given on the cooperation with the undergraduate programme ‘International Forest Ecosystem Management” (B.Sc.) and the graduate programme ‘Global Change Management’ (M.Sc.).


EUSD to become member of the ‘Resilience Studies Consortium’ (RSC)

Eberswalde University for Sustainable Development (EUSD) has been invited to become a member of the ‘Resilience Studies Consortium’ (RSC), a network of eleven North American Universities interested in applied research on resilience and sustainability topics. For the first time, the RSC is reaching out for international partners and invited EUSD to become the first European and the ‘Environmental University’ (UMA - Mexico) the first Latin American partner. Christoph Nowicki participated in the RSC annual retreat in Tacoma, Washington, at ‘The Evergreen State College’ (11.07.-13.07.2019) as a representative for EUSD and presented how resilience topics are being integrated into teaching and research at EUSD. Image: C. Nowicki

WCU-EWS-visit at EUSD_27-010319_CN_0410_low_cut

From February 27th  to March 1st, a delegation from the European Wilderness Society, partner of International Forest Ecosystem Management, and the Western Colorado University in Gunnison, USA, started to discuss a new cooperation between the two Universities, with a special focus on International Forest Ecosystem Management (B.Sc.)Global Change Management (M.Sc.) and joint research projects related to the Centre of Econics and Ecosystem Management.From left to right: Prof. Pierre Ibisch, Vlado Vancura, Christoph Nowicki, Anni Henning, Prof. Jonathan Coop, Max Rossberg, Jeanette Blumroeder, Prof. John Hausdoerfer (photo: C. Nowicki)


Welcoming our new GCM-2018-students –
excursion to the forest as part of the introductory week.

Image: C. Nowicki


New cooperation: By supporting Global Change Management,
‘Weinrich Chocolate Manufactory’ aims at fostering sustainability
transformation of our society.

Image: C. Nowicki

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