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What is the E-Campus at HNEE?


The E-Campus of the HNEE includes all applications available to students for managing their studies as well as the learning materials of their courses.

Part of this system are the so-called "learning rooms" on Emma+. Lecturers upload their latest teaching materials in the learning rooms. These can then be downloaded by the course participants. Once you have logged in, you will find the following information on Emma+, in addition:

  • Last changes in your learning rooms
  • Today's courses
  • Incoming messages
  • University news

The aforementioned information and teaching materials are available to all students of a course or your study programme.

However, by logging into Emma+, you can also access the other part of the system. The information here is personal to you, hence the name "Mein Emma". My Emma is where you manage your studies. Here you can

  • View your schedule and courses
  • Select a major and specialisations
  • Register for elective modules, facultative modules and specialisation modules / special elective modules
  • View your exam results and unsubscribe from exams
  • Agree to use Microsoft Office 365 for free
  • Download certificates (transcript of records, BAföG transcript of records, ...).

You can access both parts of the system by logging into Emma+.

Moreover the University portal is on Emma+. There you will find up-to-date information on your student representatives, the General Student Committee (AStA), the Campus Garden and other initiatives, working groups, etc. at the HNEE.

If you have any questions, you can use our Help and feedback room on Emma+. If you do not find the answer you are looking for there, you can also contact us personally.

Contact persons at the faculties:

Quality management specialists:

Faculty of Forest and environment: Mike.Wiebrock@hnee.de

Faculty of Landscape Management and Nature Conservation: Olaf.Goldschmidt@hnee.de

Faculty of Wood Engineering: Mario.Teichmann@hnee.de

Faculty of Sustainable Business: Kristin.Baier@hnee.de

Further Contacts:

Student support service department - enrollment and de-registration: studieren@hnee.de

Examination office - examinations, sick notes, certificates: prüfungsamt@hnee.de

IT-Service centre - system administrator: Sven.Simon@hnee.de and Katrin.Haggenmueller@hnee.de

Organizational development officer - Project management: julia.eder@hnee.de


Emma - Campusmanagement

Find your schedule and exam results on My Emma. Find your course materials in the learning rooms.


ArcGIS Online Webkarten der HNEE

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