Hochschule für nachhaltige Entwicklung Eberswalde

High School Band

The Planning & Farming Blues Company



Founded in the year 2004 two elder Blues freaks, J├╝rgen Peters and Piet Piorr returned back to their roots. About 20 and more years before they began to learn about the blues guitar, originally basic and homemade bluesrock. Decades later they came together in their jobs the one, J├╝rgen as a professional rural planner and the other working on organic farming.

Initialized by their students a new story began. Studying the old material they detected several common roots about their parallel development in playing folk, blues and rock. Supported by Sven Christian on the drums and Norman Hagel on the bass they started to replay some of the old songs but as well continued in creating own songs always accompanied with strong parts of improvisation.

About their future they say ÔÇťWe only contribute to the strain of homemade blues tradition. We are not heading for a professional musician career but do all to have fun with our blues connectionÔÇŁ.

P&F Blues Company - Members


J├╝rgen Peters (git., voc.)
Eugen Fraenger (bass, voc.)
Oliver Brauner (sax)

Holger Menzel (drums)

Piet Piorr (git., voc.)

Contact: Juergen.Peters@hnee.de