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Hochschule für nachhaltige Entwicklung Eberswalde

Department Sustainable Forest Resource Economics

The department of Sustainable Forest Resource Economics adopts an ecological-economic and institutional perspective on the assessment, valuation and coordination of forest resources uses. A sustainable that is an ecological and social-oriented integration of forest ecosystems functions and services into economic and political decision-making incorporates more than the monetary valuation of forest goods and services. ... more...


 Prof. Dr. Carsten Mann

Prof. Dr. Carsten Mann

Tel.: +49-3334-657 194

Fax: +49-3334-657 162


 Mónica Hernández-Morcillo

Monica Hernandez-Morcillo

Tel.: +49-3334-657 382


 Stefan Sorge

Stefan Sorge



University for Sustainable Development in Eberswalde

Sustainable Forest Resource Economics

Waldcampus (Haus 11)

Alfred-Möller-Str. 1

16225 Eberswalde

Teaching Focus

  • Ecosystem Functions, Services, and Values
  • Ecological Economics, Markets and Payment Schemes for Ecosystem Services
  • Environmental Governance, Institutions and Actors
  • Forest, Nature and Biodiversity Policies in the EU
  • Biodiversity and Conservation Management

Research Focus

  • Governance, Business Innovations and Payment Schemes for Forest Ecosystem Services
  • Biodiversity Offsets, Credit Trading Schemes and Environmental Markets
  • Socio-Ecological Systems and Institutional Analysis
  • Transdisciplinary Sustainability Research