Hochschule für nachhaltige Entwicklung Eberswalde


 Here are some opinions about the study place Eberswalde and the career opportunities of graduates.


Alexandra Chelu (Romania, FIT graduate 2017)

" I enjoyed that the international FIT master allows you to take the best from both universities in Eberswalde and Warsaw. The knowledge and skills gained during this time have applications not only in forestry, but in a wide range of fields within the natural sciences. FIT prepared us for the challenges of monitoring and prediction of forest ecosystems by providing both scientific training and organisational capabilities required for the development of future projects. The diverse cultural and educational background of the students also made it a great experience by letting me perceive different aspects of the same issue. I recommend the program to students interested in applying GIS and remote sensing for answering environmental questions."


Muhammad Naqaash (Pakistan, FIT graduate 2017)

" I came to HNEE Eberswalde after completing my Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Software Engineering. I wanted to study a course combining information technology and environment, therefore, FIT was an excellent option for me. After my initial course inquiry I received a quick and detailed response from the study programme adviser that asserted my opinion to choose HNEE –and consequently WULS in Warsaw. The FIT programme offers a vast scope and you are free to choose which field you would like to work in. I chose especially computer programming and found an internship in SAP HANA, which I also picked as a topic for my Master thesis. Once I completed my profiles in job searching websites like Xing and LinkedIn, I was surprised and extremely happy that many multinational companies contacted me with job offers. Forest Information Technology (M.Sc.) (FIT) has given me much more than I expected. Not only nice memories with my fellow students, but particularly a professional skill set and a good startup for my professional career."


Kathrin MĂŒller-Rees (Germany, FIT graduate 2016)

"After my studies in International Forest Ecosystem Management (IFEM) at HNEE I decided to directly attend the FIT program – taking place in Eberswalde and Warsaw. This decision seemed to be the right, as all professors and class mates encouraged me to improve my knowledge in computer sciences, statistics and GIS. Classes consisted of learning technical as well as social skills with classmates from Cameroon, Canada, Germany, India, Nepal, Poland and Spain. Furthermore, the double degree program and two graduation certificates seemed to me very advantageous for further job applications. Both my previous knowledge from IFEM  and the newly acquired FIT skills enabled me for a job at the German Federal Forest Administration, and so I am working now at the interface between foresters and the internal IT service unit."


Mehrdad Nezamdoost (Iran, FIT graduate 2014)

“ With a pure IT bachelor background, at the begin of my studies I had my worries concerning the necessary environmental and forestry knowledge. Nevertheless, I found my way and, it turned out to be so interesting to me. I was so excited to see the huge application options of IT in environmental disciplines. Another advantage I found in this programme was its flexibility and project orientation. In addition, the helpful and supportive staffs in Eberswalde and Warsaw, as well as the latest software versions and facilities provided, always impressed me. During my research project internship in the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research I had the chance to apply my theoretical knowledge in practical research. In 2015 I started my job in the ThĂŒnen Insitute dealing with data analysis and management."


Nikolai Knapp (Germany, FIT graduate 2014)

“Before my FIT studies I was a field biologist with very basic knowledge in GIS and programming. FIT made me a professional in environmental informatics. What I liked most about the program was its flexible schedule, that allows students to specialize in different disciplines. I focused my interest on ecological modeling and the data analysis language R. During the compulsory 3rd semester research project, I started working on the linkage between forest growth modeling and LiDAR remote sensing at the Helmholtz-Centre for Environmental Research (UFZ). After writing my Master's thesis at UFZ, I got the offer to continue with a PhD project. Besides the FIT curriculum, I enjoyed being part of such an international group of students."


Friederike Borges (Germany, FIT graduate 2014)

“The decision for the Master programme Forest Information Technology was rapid and proper after my Bachelor degree in forestry. The comprehensive and diverse curriculum is well structured and organized. Furthermore the students are enabled to deepen their favoured disciplines by the choice of modules and many extracurricular proposals. To combine natural sciences as forestry or ecology with modern IT has enormous potential. By the cooperation with the University of Life Sciences in Warsaw these possibilities expand and the advantage of an additional certification is given. After my successful graduation at the HNEE, I got the great opportunity to publish the results of my Master thesis with the help of the well-established Leibniz-Centre for Agricultural Landscape Research (ZALF)."


Leopold Lesko (Poland, FIT graduate 2013)

“I experienced the FIT programme as interdisciplinary program, which gave me especially the necessary knowledge and practical skills to understand GIS and Remote Sensing. Thanks to additional summer schools and cooperations with other universities I could develop and broaden these skills significantly. The most valuable extracurricular experience was an internship at the German Aerospace Center (DLR) which I could successfully prolong to develop my master thesis in field of Urban Sprawl in Europe. FIT is not only for forestry, but for the application of information technologies in the whole environment."


Stella Schmigalle (Germany, FIT graduate 2013)

"After my Bachelor Studies in "Landscape Management and Nature Conservation", the FIT program was a great chance to discover and expand my technical skills, but staying within the topics of an environmentalist. I enjoyed the international atmosphere and by the way I trained my English skills. Moreover, the organization of the program and the familiy friendly framework conditions at the university and in Eberswalde itself were reconcilable with my two kids born within my FIT time. I will start working now at the institution where I accomplished my research project as well as my master thesis.


Mansour Mahamane (Niger, FIT graduate 2007, PhD 2013)

"I came from Niger to study and to acquire new knowledge and technological skills in Germany. The FIT study programme in Eberswalde and Warsaw gave me both! The practical techniques and theory modules definitely distinguished FIT from other master programmes. Upon completing the FIT programme, I enrolled as a PhD candidate at the University of TĂŒbingen, during which my research dealt with desertification and land degradation monitoring and analysis in the TillabĂ©ry landscape (Sahel). There is no gainsay that the techniques acquired during my FIT programme were very instrumental in the successful completion of my PhD ."


Susann Klatt (Germany, FIT graduate 2013)

" The international study programme Forest Information Technology was the best choice for me. It connects environmental and forestry knowledge with current information technologies. I made myself more familiar with GIS and Remote Sensing, also using my knowledge in tutorials for undergraduate students. I acquired practical skills for working with databases as well as the various possibilities of using programming in many fields. Due to the good learning atmosphere and support from lecturers at the HNEE and the WULS, I really enjoyed studying ."


Stephen Asabere (Ghana, FIT graduate 2012)

" Studying the FIT program exposed me to a very wide range of different options after school. This is due to the interdisciplinary nature of the course modules within the programme. I must say that, within the past two years my knowledge in the applications of Geomatics and IT in forest and environmental management has skyrocketed from a novice to an expert. I am now very well equipped with all the necessary technical knowledge that I will need for my PhD research work in the areas of Landscape Ecology."


Tomasz Kamola (Poland, FIT graduate 2011)

"Studying the FIT master programme greatly expanded my knowledge in the field of IT, in particular in the use of GIS. Thanks to the knowledge acquired in the programme I could already start to work in a company related to forestry and environmental protection during my study time. It became quickly apparent how valuable the knowledge gained during the studies is. Besides, studying has given me much satisfaction. I could meet many new people, with which I still stay in touch."


Michal Zugajewicz (Poland, FIT graduate 2010)

"The FIT study programme gave me a great knowledge of environmental IT, especially GIS. <span>Strong base of theory combined with a creative practice and fantastic atmosphere made studying FIT a pure pleasure! Because I found GIS very interesting, my master thesis was connected with its use for the environmental analysis. What’s more, my work won the ESRI Poland contest for the best thesis promoting GIS! This proves how effective the FIT Master programme is. Currently, I’m working on an application related to an environmental risk management system."


Till Kirchner (Germany, FIT graduate 2010)

During my bachelor studies I carried out that I want to work as an IT specialist for environmental monitoring programmes. Looking back I can say that the FIT Master programme was the perfect choice for me. It was challenging, but gave me the possibility and time to specialize myself in the fields of spatial databases and geodatainfrastructures. Today I am working at a federal forest institute designing the geodatainfrastructure for several environmental monitoring programmes here in Germany. I can actually say that the qualification gained from the FIT Master programme helped me to get the job I was always looking for.


Juan Felipe Villegas (Colombia, FIT graduate 2008)

I finished the FIT Master programme with a very good knowledge of information technologies to be applied to the forest and environmental sciences. The university offers the most advanced tools for training and education of the students. During my studies I found a very nice atmosphere and I had the opportunity to meet many international students. I&rsquo;m currently working for a company in Costa Rica (Carbon Decisions). My job is to model and simulate land use changes in tropical countries using spatial dynamic models to estimate future carbon emissions as consequence of land use change, degradation and deforestation.


Yasmin Dorfstetter(Germany, FIT graduate 2008)

When I chose the FIT Master programme there were two main reasons. First, I wanted to learn about tools that practically help in forest and environmental management. Second, I searched for a field where I could use and consolidate my logical reasoning. In FIT I found both and even more. Finally, I had the possibility to apply that knowledge in modelling potentials of short-rotation coppice in the research project DENDROM. There I entered employment as module responsible and coordinator.


Katrin HaggenmĂŒller (Germany, FIT graduate 2008)

I find the FIT-programme covers a smart and exciting combination of computer skills with practical orientation on nature scientific topics. This forms a rather unique niche which gains rapidly increasing importance in environmental sciences. At present I maintain the database of a long-term monitoring programme for ecosystems. I am preparing now to found my own company for Environmental IT. Altogether I am very glad with my choice for FIT.


Alexander Marks (Germany, FIT graduate 2008)

For me FIT is a study programme which meets the needs of practice. It was rather easy to find a job after successful graduation. Meanwhile I develop software for environmental research, agriculture and forestry in my own company &quot;Marks &amp; Points Environmental Information Technologies&quot;. To my mind FIT is an excellent study choice for those, who would like to use modern information technologies for solving environmental problems.

Addo Koranteng (Ghana, FIT graduate 2007)

I always knew, that I had an important job to do for my folks in Ghana, but I could not fathom exactly what it was, until I enrolled in the study programme FIT at the University of Applied Sciences-Eberswalde! I am now committed to salvaging what is left of our natural environment in Ghana for the rest of my life. The structure of the program that takes care of the cognitive, psychomotor and the affective domains of an individual development in environmental study is phenomenal! I have acquired practical knowledge and skills in IT education and more especially its application in solving environmental problems.

Stephen Wingard (USA, FIT graduate 2007)

"I must say I found the FIT programme to be an excellent study programme. I felt that the skills I obtained would be in high demand in forestry as well as the environmental sciences. Nearly all the courses were very stimulating and intellectually challenging. I am convinced that FIT is at the forefront as far as teaching skills that are needed in todays and tomorrows job market."

Uwe Kies (Germany, IFEIT graduate 2006)

"Considering my time at the Applied University in Eberswalde I remember interesting courses, exciting experiences abroad and a friendly and creative atmosphere between professors, faculty staffers and international students. In the IFEIT Master study programme I could develop my weakness for forestry related IT applications. Now I am applying my knowledge from Eberswalde in my research work at the Forest Centre of the University in MĂŒnster. The education offer at the Applied Univerity Eberswalde offered a lot of chances to me."

Eike Julius (Germany, IFEIT graduate 2005)

"During my study I concentrated on GIS and database applications. The processing and analysis of vector and 3D data were in the special focus of my interests. My Master thesis dealt with a GIS based database application of floristic data for the Natural Historic Museum in Lviv in the Ukraine. Besides the technical contents the international aspect of the programme was important to me. Today I am working in a technical bureau for biology in Deutsch-Wagram in Lower Austria and work with all kinds of GIS data."

Ergin Hajredini (Kosovo, IFEIT graduate 2006)

"I studied Forest Information Technology from September 2004 till February 2007. My general experience is good. During our study we were prepared to do our expected jobs independently and with a high scientific and practical standard. Due to my IT background and knowledge from the Applied University in Eberswalde it has become easy to work with international companies dealing with GIS and databases related to forestry. Currently I am working for the European Agency for Reconstruction as deputy project leader in a project for sustainable forest management in Kosovo"

Eyad H. Abushandi (Jordan, IFEIT graduate 2007)

Before I came to Eberswalde, I was seeking for a master study programme to further improve&nbsp;my career in environmental information technologies. To achieve that I found Eberswalde the appropriate place and therefore I studied here in the International Forest Ecosystem Information Technology programme. I have met lots of students and teachers from different countries, what I could say is that I achieved my goal by attending the programme and I really enjoyed the international part of my life in Eberswalde.

Alexander Marx (Germany, IFEIT graduate 2006)

I finished the IT programme in 2006. Just after my graduation I had temporary jobs for three month at the Fishery and Hunting Agency in the canton Zug (Switzerland) and for nine month at the Leibniz-Centre for Agricultural Landscape Research in MĂŒncheberg (Germany). Meanwhile I work at the RapidEye AG in the product development. RapidEye is a commercial geoinformation company dealing with environment observation satellites and related products. With this job my desire to work in a free enterprise has become true.

Mark Rupa (Albania, IFEIT graduate 2006)

"I started my master program IFEIT with very basic knowledge in computers and software. Thanks to very detailed explanation of the lecturers there, very good books in library and free use of computer labs i could get advanced in forest IT related topics. During my studies i had the chance to get involved in several projects and even write scientific works and publications. IT skills that i got during my studies were high and i could get a job even in Urban Planning but still continuing developing environmental and tourism projects. I found in Eberswalde a great hospitality from Germans there and a great social support from the university, profesors and students there. When i think of that place nostalgy together with a smile comes to my face."