Hochschule für nachhaltige Entwicklung Eberswalde


Programme entry requirements, application, admission

  • Proof of university degree such as Bachelor of Science / Arts, Diploma or comparable degrees with a standart duration of studies of at least 6 semesters or a minimum of 180 academic credits (ECTS)

  • All applicants have to prove good knowledge of English language skills, at least B2-Level (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, CEFR). Native speakers or applicants from countries with English as their official mother tongue do not have to prove their English skills.
  • Curriculum vitae (also indicating technical qualifications) and letter of motivation (max. 2 pages)
  • The deadline for German applicants and citizen of the EU is July 15 (certificates can be given later until August 31st). Applicants with no German degree or a degree from a non-European country have to send their application documents to UNI-ASSIST (www.uni-assist.de The deadline is  May 1. We strongly recommend submitting your documents at the latest by 1st of May, because of the long visa application procedures. UNI-ASSIST will pre-check your application documents and will forward them to us, in case of a positive result
  • Enrolment is only possible in the winter semester of each year


State of origin

Applicants with German degree certificates apply directly at Eberswalde University for Sustainable Development (Contact).

Students with foreign certificates must first send their application to UNI-ASSIST in Berlin. Please use the application form of UNI-ASSIST or use the online application procedure of UNI-ASSIST.

You can download an explanatory document for the UNI-ASSIST application procedure in English or German on this site or directly navigate  to the UNI-ASSIST website: www.uni-assist.de.

More information

GCM is a four semester master programme. As especially the first two semesters are time demanding, we highly recommend the students to not intend to simultaneously work within the lecture periods (semester breaks suits better for these purposes).

Detailed information about the student life in Eberswalde with all relevant addresses and contacts ''Pathfinder'' in English language

In students you will find information about the study guide, the curriculum, study order, forms and supplementary information.




Prospective students with adegree in Germany apply directly to HNE Eberswalde until 15 July

Jetzt online bewerben an der HNE Eberswalde!

Prospective students with a degree from outside Germany apply until 01. May (for non-EU citizens) / 15. July (for EU-citizens) via uni-assist

Apply online at HNE Eberswalde!


Find further information on the process of application and admisson under Student Support Service Department

If you need any support from the faculty hosting of your study programme please contact:


Astrid Schilling
Tel.: +49- (0)3334- 657 167
Fax: +49- (0)3334- 657 162
E-Mail: Astrid.Schilling@hnee.de